Black Mask



The deep cleansing black mask for glowing skin.

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About product: 
Bamboo Charcoal helps to remove blackheads, dead skin cells, pimples, excessive sebum, also helps to prevent further pore blockage and forming acne.

Easy to use, effective blackhead remover, make your face smoother, fresher and brighter.

Skin type:
Oily skin, acne-prone skin & combination skin.

Instructions for use:
After cleansing the face, avoiding the eyes & lip count our parts, put a little thin layer mask on the face for 15-25 minutes. Peel it off from the bottom to the top when the mask is dry. For the best results use 2-3 times a week.

To get the best result, please use the hot towel to open pores before smear our mask.

Attention: Before use, you can take a little on the inside of the wrist, or behind the ears, half an hour after the adverse reactions. On the contrary, over 15-25 minutes, you can apply the mask.


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