Snowflake Earrings


Be one with the winter


Snowflake earrings don’t cling to clothes and hair, which minimize the risk of losing them.
Due to its small size and simple design you can easily sleep in these weightless earrings every night.

Great gift for your friend, wife, girlfriend, daughter and sister if they are creative and love winter.
Good gift idea for Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and other special events.

Symbol is the way to draw attention to our inner world.
Snowflake is a unique creation of nature. The traditional snowflake has six rays and the number six, in turn, is a symbol of perfection.
Bring this perfection into your look and make it complete.

Fashion style tips:
Miniature Snowflake earrings suit girls and young women with sophisticated  facial features, short haircuts or hairstyles that suggest gathered hair, otherwise earrings will be difficult to notice.
They can be worn in a classic way to create a laconic look or, as a part of the set, in one ear with other earrings to create a creative gentle look.
These earrings will perfectly complete your daily outfit in casual fashion style.
Also, Snowflake earrings will interest those who like artsy fashion style, which means creativity and independence in creation of their own look.

Best clothing to wear:
Jeans & a t-shirt, casual dress & suit and other casual outfits.

Snowflake earrings for face shape types:
Oval face
This is the ideal face shape that doesn’t require correction with accessories and jewelry.
To this face shape all types and forms of earrings fit. Therefore, when choosing accessories, you need to focus, for example, on your hairstyle, neck length, clothing style and more.

Rectangle (or oblong) face
Will emphasize the middle of your face, which will slightly compensate for its length.

Square face
Will emphasize the middle of your face, which will distract attention from the wide chin.

Gender: women
Material: 925 sterling silver
Size: 1*1cm / 0.5*0.5”
Closure: push-back


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